VELUX® Low Pitch Roof Windows

Roof windows for low pitch roofs were once unable to combine an effective solution with an aesthetically beautiful finish…until now. With the exceptional design and craftmanship of the VELUX Low Pitch roof window, there are no compromises. This roof window is perfect for new or existing home extensions with a roof pitch of 10-20° and provides the same levels of daylight and fresh air as standard with all pitch VELUX roof windows.

Low Pitch Roof Windows: Key Benefits

  • Innovative Design – The VELUX Low Pitch Roof Window is a smarter and much more stylish solution to using a flat roof kurb
  • Built to Last – The Low Pitch Roof Window can withstand winds up to 30m/s and 120mm of rain per hour
  • Aesthetics and Quality in mind – VELUX’s glass-to-edge technology provides a seamless, stunning fit that maintains water resistance

Suitable for roof pitches between 10°- 20°

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Low Pitch Roof Window fitting
Low Pitch Roof Window Fitting

Let light flood your home with some new Low Pitch Roof Windows

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