Building Control Approval

All our work will be done in accordance with Building Regulation Approval. This increases your property's value and ensures a future trouble free sale should you decide in the future to sell you property.
It also gives you peace of mind, by assuring that our work has been done properly
through complying with all regulatory procedures.

New Installations

All our work is carried out in accordance with these and checked at each stage of construction by a Building Control Officer who ensures that all workmanship complies with
the standards required. The Completion Certificate that we receive on the finishing of the project is sent on and kept by you as proof that the works have been carried out legally and have received local authority approval. This is important when you come to sell your property.
Please note that whilst we undertake all necessary liaisons with the authorities’ Building Control department in obtaining building regulation approval for your new room, the fees payable to Building Control for the submission of plans and the inspections of works they carry out, are to be settled by you, the homeowner.

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