VEL Fit is a certified installer of all VELUX windows serving customers throughout Kent, Essex and Suffolk. Since 1941, when the young engineer Villum Kann Rasmussen established his company V. Kann Rasmussen & Co in Copenhagen. His vision was “to make a skylight – a roof window – that is just as good as the best vertical window”.

In 1942 Villum’s first roof window was patented. He called it VELUX. ‘ –VE’, from the word ‘ventilation’ and ‘LUX’, from the Latin word for ‘light’.

Post war, VELUX roof windows proved to be an effective way of putting many square metres of wasted roof space to good use and demand for VELUX roof windows increased significantly.

Villum’s belief in a fair deal, high quality standards and ongoing technical innovations and improvements was key to his success. Nearly Eighty years on, VELUX is a household name and have a proven record of innovation and design.

We’re proud to be a VELUX Certified Installer. In fact, we consider their products to be the very best on the market. VELUX are a Trustmark scheme operator, so you have the additional comfort and peace of mind that as Certified Installers, we are members of the only government-endorsed scheme for tradesmen.

VELUX Certified Installers must comply with stringent and regular checks and
assessments by independent industry experts including:

  • Examination of their financial records and trading history
  • Provision of relevant documents such as public liability insurance
  • Credit checks
  • References from previous customers

Certified Installers also undergo on-site inspections to ensure that the quality
of their work meets the VELUX standard and agree to a comprehensive code of practice covering conduct and workmanship.

As certified installer for VELUX, We are pleased to offer a quotation for the installation and or replacement of this market leading product which will be matched with our quality of installation, customer service and aftercare.

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