Maypole Primary SchoolSince the start of the year, VEL Fit has seen an influx of Schools needing their VELUX® windows serviced due to the stormy weather over Autumn and Winter, and Maypole Primary School in Dartford is no exception. The school has a modern extension to the rear (built circa. 2010,) with 35 VELUX Roof Light Windows set in a composite slate roof covering. Like many schools, the roof windows are often overlooked in the annual maintenance schedule, which means that things only are attended to when problems arise.

Maypole Primary School has been proactive and asked VEL Fit to provide annual maintenance services in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines. Our service plan includes an asset condition report that monitors the condition of each window and identifies where remedial works are required. Common issues found included gaps between the frames and plasterboard, chips on the sash, and loose screws on the flashing. These issues can lead to leaks, a problem no teacher wants to deal with in their classroom.

For 3 days during the Easter break, the VEL Fit maintenance team worked on-site to check each of the 35 windows thoroughly, and with so many of the windows being in classrooms, working during the holidays meant that learning was not disrupted. All windows were serviced and replacement parts were fitted where broken motors prevented windows opening and repairs undertaken as needed. This included lubrication of pivot hinges and locks as well as the replacement of the flap foam and air filters.

Overtime, both the foam and the filter, which are part of the design of a VELUX roof window, start to degrade. As the windows had not been serviced since their installation in 2010, they were well overdue a change for the benefit and upkeep of the window. The flap foam prevents air from entering the room when the window is fully closed, and the filters prevent any form of debris from coming into the room when the window is vented. Regular replacement is essential.

The VEL Fit asset log and condition reports will enable the site manager to stay informed and knowledgeable about the school’s VELUX roof windows. With an annual schedule of routine maintenance now in place, Maypole Primary School will have peace of mind that their windows will bring the light and fresh air into their classrooms, library, and corridors, helping to create a positive learning environment for their children.

Maypole School Roof Windows
Maypole Primary School