Replacement VELUX® windows

When to replace a VELUX or roof window

To optimise the benefits gained from VELUX windows, ensure they are maintained and replaced when necessary. If you’re struggling with any of the following issues, it’s time to schedule a replacement.

High Energy Bills

This could be a sign that your windows are causing frequent draughts. Modern roof windows provide better thermal insulation properties and more options to transform your home, business or school.


Cracks in your window are a clear indicator for replacement. If left, cracks can lead to a range of challenges, including leakages.

Condensation on the inside of the windows

Condensation could be a warning that your windows are not sealed securely. Failure to act immediately can cause damage to the entire roof.

Poor appearance

In the long-term, discolouration may occur due to constant exposure to the sun. This will also affect the amount of natural sunlight your roof windows provide. There is no way to reverse this effect.

Roof is old/not effective anymore

Bring life into your renovations with new replacement windows. If you’re replacing your entire roof, it can be risky to use existing windows as this may lead to leaks and damage.

Guarantee running out

VELUX windows come with a 10-year guarantee. We provide a range of options to find your perfect solution.

Functionality problems

If your windows are broken or fail to open, act on the issue now.

Roof windows are leaking

Leaks can often lead to costly damage to flooring and furniture.
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Commercial VELUX Windows

Ensure your replacement windows are fit for purpose, bringing light to the heart of the building and brightening your working day.

The process couldn’t be easier! Finding a direct replacement for your window is hassle-free with our expert knowledge and friendly team at hand to help.

Commercial Service Level Agreements for facilities maintenance are available to suit the requirements of your business. To discuss the options available, contact our commercial team today.

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VELUX Windows for Schools

Maximise daylight and fresh air with new VELUX replacement windows. Remote control openings with rain sensors are available to enable easy access and management in classrooms. Enhance wellbeing, productivity and the overall learning environment for all students. New VELUX windows provide greater light input & fresh air, with larger glazed areas and up to 115% more energy efficiency.

To book an asset survey and Service Level Agreements for maintaining your school’s windows, contact our commercial team today.


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Home Installations

Replacing your existing VELUX windows is simple. Breathe new life into your windows and loft and see the instant benefits.

Modernise your roof windows and bring life and comfort to your home with various solutions for every project. From improving noise reduction to controlling your windows from your smartphone, find your perfect option today!

To discuss your options, get in contact with us today.